Message Of Solidarity With Toyota Workers



Message of Solidarity with Toyota workers


Dear Comrades,

Having been informed of the current problems affecting the workers at the Toyota factory, as well as in other automobile and electronics industries in Japan, namely the fact that automakers have dismissed 24000 workers and that, by March, some 85000 workers will lose their jobs in Japan, the CGTP-IN, on behalf of the workers it represents in Portugal:

  • Informs that also in Portugal the automobile and electronics industries are observing serious problems, namely the closure of many plants, also with thousands of job losses.

Also in our country, some of these closures and insolvencies are promoted to save those responsible for the current economic and financial crisis and are leading to a disastrous social situation, making the workers the first and main victims.

  • Expresses its full and active solidarity with the February 11 Day of Action of the Toyota workers, demanding that their company fulfils its social responsibility.

We assure you of our commitment to side with you and with the world trade union movement in the struggle, in our country and internationally, to keep and create jobs, protect workers rights, salaries and living conditions.

Please accept our fraternal solidarity

CGTP-IN Executive Committee